Accountability Management and Staff Training

Accountability Management Program

Are you effectively monitoring your workplace and holding your staff accountable?

Accountability of stock, staff and procedures are key to creating a successful business. Employee theft and malpractice is unfortunately common and can lead businesses to incur significant losses. SCA can develop and oversee an Accountability Management Program (AMP), uniquely crafted to your organisation, which will monitor and respond to identified areas of concern. Each program will be specifically tailored to your business and can encompass all areas of the workplace.

SCA will consult and develop procedures to ensure a more accountable workplace through diligent incident response programs and regular reviews. This gives complete peace of mind for owners, allowing their primary focus to be directed at successfully running their profitable business.


Staff Training

Are your staff employing diligent security practices or are they leaving you vulnerable?

The preparation and training of staff is vital to minimising loss, reducing the risk of critical incidents and ensuring employers maintain their duty of care to employees. SCA consultants are all fully qualified, ex-operational police members from across Australia.

Human behaviour, whether malicious or accidental, leads to significant losses to businesses around the world. Comprehensive training and helps reduce employee acts which leave your company vulnerable. We can conduct ‘real’ training programs, underpinned by our experience in ongoing day to day operational involvement with businesses and corporations. SCA are always monitoring trends, crime patterns and liaising with law enforcement agencies to provide the most relevant information for our clients.


Our current training subjects include:

• Loss Prevention
• Fraud Minimisation
• Critical Incident Response

All training sessions will be adapted to ensure it is relevant to the individual client.