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Every organisation must regularly audit and update their security procedures. The cost of complacency can be astronomical when it comes to corporations and protecting business assets and finances should be fundamental to every security policy. From electronic and technical security to staff training sessions to providing personnel, the experts at Security Consulting Australia can help protect your business. Read on to find out how we can keep you and your organisation safe.

If you suspect sensitive information is being leaked from your organisation, one of the best ways to identify the weakness is through technical surveillance countermeasures. Security Consulting Australia uses technical devices such as covert cameras and bugs to gather intelligence related to the areas of concern. We can fit these devices within buildings or vehicles in domestic or business settings. Prior to any placement, however, we undertake a comprehensive audit to ensure we have identified not only the most likely source of the leak but also enable an investigative plan to be developed and defensive measures taken to prevent further loss. We also present our professional recommendations for future security practices in light of our discoveries.

One of the most comprehensive and cost effective ways to physically protect your organisation’s assets is to install CCTV and alarm systems. These not only act as deterrents but can also provide invaluable evidence in the unfortunate event of an incident. Their application and scope is flexible, enabling the experts at Security Consultants Australia to install unique, tailor-made systems for every client. We have no affiliation to specific companies because we want to listen to what you require and deliver to those exact specifications. Our onsite consultations will allow us to add our own professional recommendations to ensure your property is protected to the fullest extent possible.

Many security breaches occur when staff members neglect their duty of care. Here at Security Consultants Australia we work with your staff to help them understand and perform their role in the overall security of your organisation. A number of our trainers are former police members and have extensive experience from which to draw to deliver relevant, engaging and practical training sessions. In the event of our involvement in other security protocols within your organisation, this is woven into the training to maximise its effectiveness.

Some buildings and people require security personnel. Security Consultants Australia are proud to have been working as part of the security team at the AFL Grand Final since 2007. We specialise in high-profile events, using uniformed or plain-clothed guards to suit each client’s requests. We understand the inconvenience of requiring security personnel and endeavour to make our presence as unobtrusive as possible.

In the event of a security breach, Security Consulting Australia will launch a full scale investigation into the incident. Whether this involves minor theft or widespread corruption within the organisation, we endeavour to solve any security problem which is important to you. Once the reason for the breach has been identified, Security Consulting Australia will prepare a series of recommendations to mitigate the risk of this occurring again and reducing the likelihood of future loss.

To find out more about our services, contact Security Consulting Australia today and speak to one of our experienced, friendly security experts.

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