Security Audits for Business

Risk Management
Corporations have a legal duty of care over the sensitive data pertaining to consumers and business partner and consequently need to implement a comprehensive security system. In order to do this effectively, regular security audits must be taken to identify any weaknesses, improve existing practices, discover previous security breaches and implement reactionary tactics to mitigate damages. Security audits encompass all aspects of a workplace structure as well as their operational procedures in order to gather all relevant information about any potential access point.

In the event of a discovered security breach, an audit must be immediately conducted to assess the extent of the damage. However, if your business regularly undergoes security audits, breaches should not happen because any existing weaknesses will be strengthened. Consider these audits a proactive measure all companies should take in defence of their assets. Reacting in the event of a breach is far more costly and time consuming, not to mention damaging to a company’s reputation, than it is to conduct regular audits as a way to mitigate your risk of being breached.

Security breaches can come from internal or external sources. They can take the form of physical asset theft, fraudulent activity and theft of valuable information. Every business should be able to identify which aspects of their company could be of value to both internal and external threats. Once these areas are acknowledged, they can be protected. While every aspect of the business should be secure, some areas will necessarily be more heavily fortified than others. Increasingly these areas are electronic as the proliferation of cybercrime continues and individuals find remote ways of accessing stored data through poorly implemented IT security systems.

Security audits may discover vulnerabilities within your staff. Many employees will not recognise some of their actions as putting the security of your company at risk and will need to be trained to understand their role in the overall security system. From allowing strangers access to the building to leaving computers unattended to using basic passwords for high clearance accounts to discussing sensitive business matters in public places, every staff member must be aware of how their actions impact the security of company data.

Security audits will look at physical aspects of the building such as alarms, barriers, access points, lighting, guards, CCTV systems and your overall approach to your existing protocols. These can all be improved fairly easily in light of the findings of a security audit and act as important deterrents and the first line of defence against attempts to gain access to your corporation.

Australian businesses must legally comply with the Privacy Act when it comes to protecting personal information held within their systems. Security audits should be conducted to ensure your business is doing everything they are obligated by law to do in order to prevent access to sensitive data. In recent years there has been a great deal of press attention on companies who have failed to keep consumer information safe and the reputation of brands who have suffered severe breaches is always considerably affected.

If you want to ensure your corporation is not only protected but also following current laws when it comes to keeping your consumer data safe, contact Security Consultants Australia. Our experienced team will not only conduct an audit of your existing security practices but identify weaknesses and help you to implement future policies which will ensure your data and assets are protected from both internal and external threats.