Technical Surveillance for Businesses

Security Surveillance
It is increasingly common for corporations to employ the use of technical devices in order to identify threats to the company. The leaking of valuable information can cost businesses significant amounts of money as well as damage to their reputation. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, or TSCM, enable the gathering of evidence and intelligence in the event of a suspected security breach. CEOs have a duty not only to the company but also consumers to protect sensitive information and consequently any leaks must be identified and dealt with as soon as possible. TSCM can provide answers to existing problems and mitigate future risks.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures can come in many different forms. From covert cameras to bugs and other listening devices, technology is advancing every day to improve the scope and quality of our capabilities. They can be placed within commercial or domestic premises as well as in vehicles. Their combined capacity for information gathering provides expert surveillance teams with vast quantities of data from which they are able to build up a clear picture of how information is being accessed, leaked and generally moving around the company by identifying who is complicit in these activities.

Prior to the installation of any devices, however, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive TSCM audit. This is an inspection of the company to identify vulnerable or concerning areas from which data leaks may be occurring. This enables the devices to be placed strategically and reduces the overall cost of the surveillance process. The information gathered during the audit also helps professionals decide which devices would be most effective and necessary when it comes to collecting evidence.

Every company is different and therefore there is no ‘typical’ case when it comes to TSCM, just as there is no predictable leak or expected motivation behind the act. Some TSCM audits reveal the presence of bugging devices planted within the company itself to gather information. This person could be a competitor, business partner, insurance company or aggrieved employee (or former employee). The reasons behind these attacks are varied and often personally or financially motivated. From trying to access sensitive or private information intended to be sold to discovering upcoming business moves to even stealing business strategies or trade secrets, the list of reasons why someone might plant a bug in a corporation is endless.

Information gathered by TSCM can be analysed to identify those involved in the data leak and used in court as legal evidence. Suspicions are not grounds for employee dismissal so if you believe your company is being internally targeted for its information, the best way to deal with this potentially catastrophic problem is to engage an experienced TSCM team. Gathering information quickly and holistically enables professionals to ascertain where the leak originates as well as leading to a plan to strengthen corporate security in the future.

If you suspect an information leak or that your company is under surveillance from an unknown source, contact Security Consultants Australia and enlist the support and assistance of our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures team. Allow us to identify your vulnerability and combat any data leaks quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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